Abstract-Oral presentation-European Society of Sexual Medicine Istanbul/T, 2014



Love-toys and generally intimate sensual enhancement products used as an integrated approach in Sexual Counseling for cancer patients – Clinical Experiences from Southern Switzerland



Claudia Pesenti-Salzmann, Ascona/CH



Cancer, by itself and as a consequence of its therapy, can have a negative impact on intimacy and sexuality of the individual or the couple. Although dildos are widely used in sexual therapy, it’s still a taboo to talk about sex with cancer patients, not to mention to propose erotic articles as a possible approach to resolve their problems.



Aim of the presentation is to show:

-  adequate intimate sensual enhancement products in this setting;

-  how to introduce this approach to cancer patients and their partners

-  different using of this accessories in different situations.



The presentation will briefly report on different clinical situations and current relevant literature will be highlighted.



In the beginning I was prudent to propose love-toys and intimate sensual enhancement products but I was surprised how good did patients and their partner accept this and how satisfied they are. A future step should be to design a research protocol in order to assess their efficacy.